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We Yeshashvi Steels & Alloys Private Limited - Bellary are glad to inform that ours is a Mini Integrated Steel Plant consisting of 2 X 15000 TPA Sponge Iron Kilns, Rolling Mill. Total Cost of the project estimated is Rs.100 Crores. In the Ist phase we are going for setting up Sponge Iron Unit of size 2 x 50 TPD. 

The unit has got fully automated Raw Material Handling System, Computerized Process Control, and atomized Weigh Bridge and well experienced technical and administrative staff. Especially, process, quality control and marketing departments shall be monitor by experienced and talented personalities. 

The efficient handling of both raw materials (Iron Ore, Coal, Limestone/Dolomite) and finished product (Sponge Iron) keeps to maintain lowest inventory levels thus achieving Just In Time Concept. 

The final product, when observed under a microscope, resembles a honeycomb structure looking spongy in texture, hence the name sponge iron. Production of steel through the conventional blast furnace route requires coking coal, of which India has limited reserves. Therefore, evolution of a technology for the reduction of iron ore using abundantly available non coking coal was contemplated, giving birth to direct reduced iron technology.

Iron ore (hematite) and non-coking coal are the prime raw materials for the production of sponge iron.
Since, Sponge Iron is one of the alternatives for steel making Sponge Iron Units will have potential market in the steel field. More over, Bellary is very nearer to Iron Ore mine which is the basic raw material for making of sponge iron. It is a main credential of the unit.

Name of the CompanyM/s.Yeshashvi Steels & Alloys Private Limited.
Registered Office & WorksSy.No. 405, 406 & 407. P.B.No.4. Cowl Bazar, 
Halkundi Village. Bellary Tq. & Dist. BELLARY – 583 102.
Ph.No: 08392-650879, Fax No: 266652
E-mail: yeshashvi@yeshashvisteels.in 
Web: www.yeshashvisteels.in
Contact PersonManaging Director.
Date of Incorporation13th August 2007
Date of Establishment1st October 2008
Nature of the BusinessManufacturing of Sponge Iron.

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